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 [ Resources ]


CJE’s Resources

This section contains various resources which can be found around the site but are collected together here. The resources we provide range from CD-Rom fitting instructions to our own order forms in various formats.

Photodesk and OHP upgrades

If you are looking for PhotoDesk or OHP upgrades then you need to go to http://www.cjemicros.co.uk/photodesk.

RISC OS 3.x Patch

Fitting instructions (including PCSleep)

ViewFinder Resources

This is a collection of files and information (plain text) about the ViewFinder graphics card it is useful for those with the card and also for those considering purchasing one in the future. Click here for the online ViewFinder information page.

32bit MakeModes

A 32bit neutral version of MakeModes, supplied by one of our customers. Now A9home compatible!

Please note that we are unable to offer support for this software and are not liable for any damage caused by use or misuse of the program.


A little application that reads the ID number of your computer. This is useful for people who wish to purchase Spelling Software titles as this is required to register the programmes.


A patch to allow the EtherM network cards to be set up corectly on RISC OS 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 (Not needed for RISC OS 4).

Order Forms

The links below are copies of our order form so you can download it, fill it in and just print it out. It is provided in various formats all zipped to ease download.

If you have a sales enquiry please email our sales department
Unit 16, Arunside Ind. Est., Wick, Littlehampton, BN17 7QU, UK. 01903 523222 (full contact details)
If you have any comments or problems please email info@cjemicros.co.uk
CJE Micro’s is not responsible for the contents of external internet sites.
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