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BBC Master128 battery pack

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Product Title: BBC Master128 battery pack
Manufacturer/Publisher: Various
Stock Code: VAR-MBP
QuickCode: 14106
Format: Hardware
Product Group: 8 bit Computing: Hardware
Condition: New
Availability: Usually available from stock

If your CMOS setting have become corrupt you can reset them to '0' by holding down the 'R' key whilst powering up the computer, i.e. with the power turned off hold down R and turn the power on whilst keeping the R key held down.

The following instruction will let you reset CMOS to sensible values, it is an extract of fuller instructions at: Lionel Smith's website

At the *prompt enter the following, case not important but spaces after *Con. are:

con. BAUD 4
con. CAPS
con. DATA 4
con. DELAY 50
con. NODIR
con. FDRIVE 0
con. FILE 9
con. IGNORE 10
con. LANG 12
con. MODE 135
con. LOUD
con. PRINT 1
con. REPEAT 5
con. TV 0,1

If you find that the floppy drive hunts (other than when accessing track 0) then try alternative con. FDRIVE 3 as some drives prefer this (very rarely now a 1 or 2 will work).

If you wish to UNPLUG or INSERT ROMS (all those listed above are in the one MegaRom) then enter *UNPLUG x or *INSERT x where x is the decimal equivalent of the hex number of the ROM displayed in the list after *ROMS.

The DFS at ROM 9 is in the MegaRom and was bugged. Many masters had an updated DFS inserted into one of the spare ROM sockets at ROM 8.

In this case issue a *UNPLUG 9 and *con. File 8 followed by a CTRL/Break.

The Delay and Repeat (for key reading), Mode and Loud/Quite (beep) settings are a matter of taste.

If after the computer has been switched off (for at least 15 minutes maybe more) you find it as bad as before then replace the battery pack and repeat the above.

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